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Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies

Certificate Application

If you are interested in earning a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies, you must submit two applications. (Note that presently the Center does not accept Certificate applications from those not already enrolled at UF)

  1. First, please apply through the graduate school. For information about admission criteria see Certificate Program information. For applying please use this link directly to the application:
  2. Second, please notify the Graduate Coordinator that you have submitted an application to the Graduate school and submit the Women’s Studies Certificate form using the information below to guide you.

Certificate Requirements

This Women’s Studies Certificate (WST) is designed for graduate students from any discipline who wish to focus on interdisciplinary issues related to feminist theory and practice. All graduate students in an MA or PhD program from all colleges at UF are eligible to enroll in this program.  The Women’s Studies Certificate form must be submitted to the Graduate Coordinator  and the Administrator of Women’s Studies.

For the Certificate, students are required to earn 12 credit hours that include the following courses:
3 credit hours of Theory/methods course with WST designation—Choose from a core set of courses which includes:

  • WST 5933 Proseminar
  • WST 6508 Advanced Feminist Theory
  • WST 6935 Special Topics (Varies)

9 credits of graduate level electives with at least 50% gender content. (Chosen in consultation with student’s primary advisor.)
DON’T FORGET!! Students must be registered during the term in which they receive the Graduate Certificate. Students must apply to receive a Graduate Certificate by the mid-point of the term in which they plan to complete the certificate program requirements.

FINAL STEP BEFORE GRADUATION:  Certificate work must be approved by the student’s Committee Chair, Center Graduate Coordinator and the Center Director via the Learning Outcome Assessment (LOA) form (PDF). Please have your Committee Chair fill out this form and submit it to the Graduate Coordinator by the mid-point of the semester of graduation. Note: We recommend that the student’s committee include 1 Core or Affiliate faculty member of the Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research.

Graduate School Graduate Certificate Policy