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Core Faculty

Anita Anantharam

  • Transnational feminism
  • Postcolonial theory
  • Food Politics and Sustainability
  • Women, Business, and Leadership

K.L. Broad, Graduate Coordinator

  • Social movements
  • Sexualities
  • Methodologies

Manoucheka Celeste

  • Feminist Media Studies, Cultural Studies
    and Popular Culture
  • Transnational Black Feminisms
  • Women of Color Feminist Theory and Methodology
  • Haitian and Caribbean Studies
  • Immigration

Maddy Coy

  • Violence against women
  • Sexual exploitation
  • Sexualized popular culture and pornography
  • Research and evaluation methods

Elizabeth Garcia

  • Latina Women’s Literature
  • Latina Feminist Theory
  • Women of Color & Feminism
  • Latinx Children & YA Literature

Laura K. Guyer

  • Health disparities in vulnerable populations
  • Women’s health
  • Rural health disparities
  • Health literacy

Jillian Hernandez

  • Sexualities and Race
  • Visual Culture, Art History, and Performance Studies
  • Critical Girlhood Studies
  • Ethnic Studies, Latinx Studies, and Black Studies
  • Hip Hop, Media, and Cultural Studies
  • Black and Latina Feminisms

Bonnie Moradi, Director

  • Prejudice, discrimination, objectification, and collective identity
  • Intersections across minority stressors including heterosexism, sexism, and racism
  • Implications for psychosocial functioning including health and workplace outcomes

Constance Shehan

  • Feminist perspectives on families and intimate relationships
  • Gender as a social structural factor
  • Gender stratification in the US and globally
  • Gender-based inequalities in the work place and economy
  • Women’s work and health

Trysh Travis

  • 20th century US literary and cultural history
  • Gender and popular culture/media studies
  • Men and masculinities
  • History of US feminism

Alyssa Zucker, Associate Director and Undergraduate Coordinator

  • Discrimination, health, and political behavior
  • Feminist identification and neoliberalism
  • Social structure, sexual violence, and sexual well-being

Emeritus Faculty

Angel Kwolek-Folland

  • Gender and business history
  • U.S. women’s history
  • History and sexuality
  • Gender and international rights