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PhD/MA Degree

If you are already in a PhD program at UF, you may apply to our MA program also. (If you are presently a Certificate student, once you have applied and been accepted to the MA, as a PhD/MA student, we will have to de-enroll you from the Certificate program and re-enroll you in the MA program). Up to nine credits from the doctoral degree program may be counted toward the master’s degree program. It is the student’s responsibility to review this program of study one semester before the student’s graduating term. The student  must  then  inform  the  UF Graduate  School  and  both  departments  (doctoral  and  master’s)  of  any  discrepancies  between this program of study and course work actually taken.  If there are discrepancies, the student must submit an accurate, updated program of study to the UF Graduate School before the midpoint deadline (published in the graduate catalog) for the term in which the student is applying for graduation.

  1. Students receiving funding from their PhD departments will not be eligible for funding from the Center.  In addition, please know that little funding for PhD/MA students is available presently.
  2. You will need an advisor for your MA degree as well. If you choose the non-thesis option, the “advisor and committee members may be selected from core or affiliated faculty in Women’s Studies.”  The MA Chair should not be same as your PhD advisor.

PhD/MA Application:

Please submit the following to the Center to be considered for the MA program (if you are currently getting a PhD in another unit on campus). Once these materials have been received by the Center (you may submit them directly to the Graduate Coordinator), the Graduate Admissions committee will review them and decide on your admission to the program:

Once approved by the Center to pursue the MA, these forms will need to be officially completed and signed. The student cannot fill out the final forms.

  • Letter of approval from PhD department approving you to pursue the MA and granting you permission to count the overlapping credits.
  • Letter of recommendation from PhD advisor.
  • UF transcripts
  • a writing sample of up to 25 pages.