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Concurrent Degrees

University of Florida provides a concurrent degree program allowing for simultaneous study on an individualized basis that leads to two master’s degrees in two different graduate programs. Such a program is initiated by the student and requires prior approval of each academic unit and the Graduate School. If the student is approved to pursue two master’s degrees, up to 9 credits of course work from one degree program may be applied toward the second master’s degree, thereby allowing both degrees to be completed in less time. The forms required for approval of the concurrent program and petition for acceptance of nine credits of coursework in a second master’s program may be found at Concurrent Degree Form.

Important details to keep in mind

  • The student will be classified by the first program’s college and major until that degree is awarded. When the student meets all degree requirements, the student must apply for graduation. Once the first degree is conferred, the student’s classification will change to the second college and major
  • These are two separate degree programs. Therefore, one thesis, terminal project or dissertation for both is not The student must have individual supervisory committees for each degree program. The chair of each committee must be from the major department of that particular master’s degree program. All courses taken by the student since admission to the University of Florida as a graduate student must be accounted for on these forms. At the department’s discretion, up to nine credits may be shared between the two degrees. Any changes to these programs of study must be submitted to the UF Graduate School as soon as possible — no later than the midpoint deadline published in the graduate catalog for the term during which the student has applied for graduation