Health Disparities Minor

In the Health Disparities in Society Minor, students look at the ways that gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, geographic location, and educational levels (among other factors) result in differential access to and quality of healthcare.  Drawing from courses across the university, the minor aims to establish a foundation for skills development and critical thinking about the assumptions that shape life science, medical research and clinical practice.  By looking at the social, economic, and political structures that underpin healthcare research and delivery in the U.S. and around the world, students will be challenged to consider the social context within which health care is delivered. This emphasis is particularly timely, given the anticipated new emphasis on the social sciences in the MCAT and the need for increased diversity and cultural competence in the healthcare workforce.

The Health Disparities minor is open to all UF undergraduate students. Use the HDS Progress to Degree Form to track your progress in the minor. Coursework includes fifteen (15) hours of classes, including: WST 2322, Introduction to Health Disparities in Society and WST 4941c, Practicum in Health Disparities, and one class from each of the three categories below. This must include at least 9 hours at the 3000 level and above.

Students may petition to have a course not listed in one of the categories below count towards the minor if they believe it fits into the specific category’s knowledge base.  Click here for the petition form and information on the petition process. Substitution for 4941C, Practicum in Health Disparities, is not encouraged; however, if you feel a substitution is justifiable, a petition is available here. To inform Dr. Guyer that you intend to enroll in Practicum in a particular semester, please use this form.

Note: If courses have enrollment caps or prerequisites set by the department that offers them, you may explain to the instructor that you are in the HDS minor and would like to enroll around those constraints, but being an HDS minor does not guarantee you admission to any class except the Core courses.

Courses for the HDS minor may be taken in any order, with one exception: WST 2322 must be taken before WST 4941C.

You may begin the minor with WST 2322 or any tier of electives, and proceed in any order. For example, you could follow the sequence: Tier II elective, WST 2322, Tier III elective, Tier I elective, WST 4941C. Contact the undergraduate coordinator with any questions.

NOTE: Courses offered in the HDS minor change each semester; students should consult the CWSGR courses page to determine what classes are on the schedule.

Category 1: Health or Social Science of Minority/Cultural Groups in US

    • ANT 4462 Culture and Medicine
    • ASL 2510 Deaf Culture
    • HSA 3111 U.S. Health Care System
    • HSC 3502 Survey of Diseases and Disabilities 1
    • HSC 4558 Survey of Diseases and Disabilities 2
    • ISS 2160 Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
    • PHC 3603 Critical Issues in Public Health
    • PHC 4101 Public Health Concepts
    • SYD 3700 Minorities in American Society
    • SYD 3805 Gender and Health
    • SYO 4400 Medical Sociology

Category 2: Social Inequality and Related Theory

    • AMH 3340 History of Disability in America
    • ANT 3451 Race and Racism
    • HIS 3454 Racial Theories in Europe and the U.S.
    • SYO 4530 Social Inequality
    • WST 3603 Sexualities Studies
    • WST 4641 Lesbian and Gay Studies

Category 3: International or Global Studies

    • ABT 3500 Arabic Culture
    • AFA 2000 Introduction to African American Studies
    • AFS 4260 Africans Abroad
    • ANT 2402 Anthropology of Sustainability
    • CHT 3500 Chinese Culture
    • GEO 2500 Global and Regional Economies
    • HAT 3564 Haitian Culture and Society
    • HIS 3495 Evolution of Infectious Diseases
    • HSC 4624 Trends in International Health
    • PHC 3440 Global Public Health
    • SPT 3511 U.S. Hispanic/Latino Culture
    • SYD 3630 Latin American Societies
    • WST 3415 Transnational Feminism

Please complete the official application to “Add a Minor” form which is available in the Registrar’s Forms Page. If you are currently a Liberal Arts major, complete the form and return it to Academic Advising Center (AAC). If you are in another college, please have your college advisor sign the form and then return it to AAC.

If you are not yet a Health Disparities in Society Minor and want to add the minor after 90 credit hours, you need to bring your “Add a Minor” form to Dr. Alyssa Zucker in Ustler 204 for signature.