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Women’s Studies Minor

The minor in Women’s Studies requires 18 credit hours of approved course work, including the 3-credit core course WST 3015, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Women’s Studies. The remaining 15 credit hours must be taken from Women’s Studies approved electives.Students may count WST 2611 (Humanities Perspectives on Gender & Sexuality), WST 2612 (Social Science Perspectives on Gender & Sexuality), or WST2322 (Introduction to Health Disparities in Society) towards the minor, but all other credits must be at the 3000 level or higher. No more than 3 hours of independent study will count toward the minor. All courses must be passed with a grade of “C” or better. Six transfer credits may be applied. Nine credits may count toward both the minor and a major in another program. Use the WST Minor Progress to Degree (PDF) form to plan and chart your progress through the Minor.

Courses offered in WST change each semester; students should consult the CWSGR “Courses” page to determine which classes are on the schedule.

Please complete the official application to “Add a Minor” form which is available in the Registrar’s Forms Page. If you are currently a Liberal Arts major, complete the form and return it to Acadmic Advising Center (AAC). If you are in another college, please have your college advisor sign the form and then return it to AAC.