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“Besides enriching me as a person, Women’s Studies has served me in the professional realm by arming me with the listening (not just hearing, but really listening), writing, research and persuasive skills needed to succeed in many fields.”
-Megan Seery, Program Alum

Do you want to understand how gender, race/ethnicity, sexualities and other sociocultural systems shape such important domains as health and medicine, law and politics, leadership and business, literatures and cultures, media and art, and social movements? Do you want to learn how to TRANSFORM these systems?

Here are a few simple steps you can take:

Pursue the Women’s Studies Major, with either a (a) General concentration or a concentration in (b) International Perspectives on Gender or (c) Theories and Politics of Sexuality (LGBTQ+ Studies)

  • Pursue the accelerated BA/MA Degree in Women’s Studies
  • Pursue a minor in…
    • Women’s Studies
    • Theories and Politics of Sexuality (LGBTQ+ studies)
    • Health Disparities in Society
  • Take elective courses that interest you from our courses lists