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Summer 2019

Letters in parenthesis indicate how the class fills a distribution requirement in the WST General Concentration (SS=Social Science, HUM=Humanities, G&S=Gender & Science) and/or whether it counts for the TPS or IPG track in the major.  If a course fills a GenEd requirement, that is specified separately. Click on the hyperlinks below for a course syllabus.

Majors may count any one 2000-level class towards the WMS major. Only WST2322, 2611, or 2612 count towards the WMS minor; only WST2611 or 2612 count towards the TPS minor.

Introduction to Health Disparities (summer A)

Laura K. Guyer
WST 2322 – Section 0048
MTWRF 2; LIT 101; 3 Credits

This introductory course examines the multifaceted issue of health disparities through the lens of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, disability, and special populations. It also addresses the concepts of medically underserved areas/populations, health literacy, cultural competence, readability & linguistic appropriateness and social determinants of health as they relate to health equity. (WST: SS, G&S; GenEd: S, D; HDS Minor: Core.)

Humanities Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality (summer B)

Carolyn Kelley
WST 2611 – Section 4A29
MTWRF 4; LIT 113; 3 Credits

This course uses close readings of cultural representations (in literature, the visual arts, movies, television, the internet, etc…) to understand intersecting categories of identity such as gender, sexuality, class, and race. We will examine how such categories operate in everything from novels to YouTube to the evening news. (WST: HUM; TPS; GenEd: H, D; Gordon Rule 2000)

Social Science Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality (summer B)

Tanya Saunders
WST 2612 – Section 4797
MTWRF 5; LIT 113; 3 Credits

This course considers the social construction of gender, sexuality, race, class, and other identity categories. Readings focus on families and cultural groups mainly in the U.S. but with attention to other nations. Subjects as intimate as the body and violence and as pervasive as politics and the law are included. We emphasize differences in daily life experiences of health care, education, sports, and religion. Finally, we examine the potential of movements for social change. (WST: SS; TPS; Gen Ed: SS, D, Gordon Rule 2000)

Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Women’s Studies (summer B)

Jillian Hernandez
WST 3015 – Section 4E35
MTWRF 6; LIT 121; 3 Credits

Drawing on materials and methodologies from a variety of disciplines, this class explores the diverse experiences of women, both in past eras and in the present, in the U.S. and abroad. Required for the Women’s Studies major and minor; fulfills the General Education requirement in diversity. (WST: Core; Gen Ed:  H, SS, D and Gordon Rule 4000)

Women, Leadership, and Diversity in a Global Environment (summer B, online)

Anita Anantharam
WST3371– Section 4C32 and 4G28
Location online;  3 Credits

This course examines key leadership concepts in general, and women in particular. The course is not set up to teach you how to be a leader (or be a better leader), per se, but it will operate with the assumption that if you know how successful women and men have navigated power and authority, applied knowledge and core competencies, and balanced life and work, you will be better able to direct your own academic endeavors and professional development. We will explore leadership theory in general, examine the extent to which leadership, as it is currently researched/theorized is framed for American audiences, and consider whether or not these metrics are useful for understanding leadership in diverse populations and across national borders. (WST: SS; IPG)

Independent Study (summer C)

Alyssa Zucker
WST4905-Section 7H21
Location TBD; Variable Credits 1-3; Can be repeated up to 6 credits

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and program chair
For advanced undergraduate students who desire to supplement the regular courses by independent reading or research. Online Application (PDF) .

Undergraduate Research in Women’s Studies (summer C)

Alyssa Zucker
WST4911-Section 79H5
Location TBA; Variable Credits

Prerequisite: Permission of Undergraduate Coordinator/Program Chair
For advanced undergraduate students who desire to supplement the regular courses by independent reading or research. Click here for an application form.

Internship (summer C)

Alyssa Zucker
WST4940-Section 7007
Location TBD; Variable Credits 1-3; Can be repeated up to 6 credits

Prerequisite: Permission of undergraduate coordinator
Designed for students desiring practical experience in the community. Students intern with a local agency, group or business involved in women’s issues. Click here for more information and an on-line application.

Practicum in Health Disparities (summer C)

Laura K. Guyer
WST 4941C – Section 7857
MWF 1; LIT 113; 3 Credits

WST 4941C is a capstone experience for seniors who have taken WST2322,, Introduction to Health Disparities in Society. Students are matched with preceptors from community agencies working with under-served and disadvantaged populations. Students will learn about the agency and its organizational culture while applying concepts of cultural competence, linguistic appropriateness and health disparities. To register, contact Dr. Laura Guyer. (HDS Minor: Core; Pre-req: WST 2322)