BA/MA Degree

Combined Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts Degree in Women’s Studies

Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary field that provides general training in critical thinking and written and oral communication, along with specific training in gender analysis.  It has proven to be a popular and useful program to prepare students for careers in social welfare, law, business, education, policy planning, government service, international development, and organizational management.

For those students interested in pursuing the combined BA and MA program, this accelerated program provides more rapid access to research and analytical skills and to knowledge in the field of Women’s Studies.  Students who have a PhD as their goal (this is not currently available at UF) will be able to shorten time engaged in coursework toward the MA.  Qualified undergraduates enrolled in graduate courses will benefit from the more intense level of intellectual engagement involved in graduate training.   For more information on the combined degree program, please visit the  UF Admissions web site.

Admission to the program requires the following:

  • Overall GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Minimum GRE (verbal plus quantitative) score of 1100
  • Completion of WST 3015
  • At least 12 credit hours in undergraduate courses that count for Women’s Studies credit, including courses taken in the semester of application
  • Letters of recommendation from three faculty affiliated with Women’s Studies, including at least one of which must be from a member of the core Women’s Studies faculty
  • 2-4 page statement of purpose describing the student’s academic goals, long-term career goals, and how theese relate to the MA in Women’s Studies
  • Students may apply as early as the second semester of their sophomore year or as late as their senior year

Students admitted to the program may enroll in up to 12 hours of graduate courses toward both the BA and MA degrees during their junior and senior years. In order to receive course credit, students must earn minimum grades of B in those courses. Students will choose either the thesis or non-thesis option for the MA. Because Women’s Studies is an interdisciplinary degree, some courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels are taught under other rubrics. These courses are vetted and approved by the Program’s Curriculum Committee. Courses which can be double-counted include:

  • WST 5933 Proseminar in Women’s Studies
  • WST 6508 Contemporary Feminist Theory
  • WST 6905 Independent Study (3 credits maximum)
  • WST 6935 Special Interdisciplinary Topics in Women’s Studies
  • Courses taken under other departmental rubrics at the 5000 level or higher and approved for graduate credit in Women’s Studies.

Advising for this program is provided by the Undergraduate and Graduate Advisers for Women’s Studies. Advisement includes referral to appropriate offices in the Graduate School and Student Financial Aid, discussion with advisers about courses and planning, and maintenance of student files by the program’s office manager.