Affiliate Faculty

Abernathy, Cammy R, Dean and Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Abrams, Lise, Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
Acord, Sophia Krzys Acord,  Associate Center Director, Center for Humanities and the Public Sphere
Adams, Thomasenia L, Associate Dean and Professor, College of Education
Anderson, Leslie, Professor, Political Science
Armon, Shifra, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Balaban, Avraham, Emeritus Professor, Languages, Literature, and Culture
Baweja, Vandana, Associate Professor, Design Construction & Planning
Bernhard, Michael, Eminent Scholar Chair, Political Science
Blum-Reid, Sylvie, Professor, Languages, Literature, and Culture
Bornstein, Stephanie, Associate Professor, Law
Boxer, Diana, Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor, Linguistics
Brockmann, Jane, Professor Emerita, Biology
Bryant,Marsha , Distinguished Teaching Scholar and Professor, English
Burns, Allan, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Kathleen Colverson, Associate Director, International Agricultural Programs, IFAS Global
Chacko, Lisa R.., Assistant Professor and Director of Acorn Medical Clinic, College of Medicine, Department of Community Health and Family Medicine
Cottler, Linda, Professor and Chair, College of Medicine, Department of Epidemiology
Dale, Elizabeth Ruth, Professor, History
Dickison, Sheila K, CLAS Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dodd, Virginia Jones, Associate Professor, Community Dentistry and Behavioral Science
Dowd, Nancy, Professor, David H. Levin Chair in Family Law, Emeritus Director of Center on Children and Families
Drake, Teresa, Director, IPVAC, Law
Emery, Kim, Associate Professor, English
Espelage, Dorothy L. ,  Professor, Department of Psychology
Fagan, Abby, Associate Professor, Criminology & Law
Fillingim, Roger,  Professor, Dentistry
Galvan, Margaret, Assistant Professor, Department of English
Gibson, Heather, Professor, Recreation Parks and Tourism
Gilbert, Juan, Andrew Banks Family Preeminence Endowed Professor and Chair of the Computer & Information Science & Engineering Department
Gilbert, Pamela, Albert Brick Professor, English
Good, Glenn E., Dean and Professor, College of Education
Guerra, Lillian, Professor, History
Hackett, David, Professor, Religion
Hahn, David, Professor and Department Chair, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Haskins, Lola, Lecturer, Computer Science
Harpold, Terry, Associate Professor, English
Hernandez-Truyol, Berta, Professor, Law
Hilliard-Nunn, Patricia, Adjunct Associate Professor, African American Studies
Hind, Emily, Associate Professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Hulvey, Yumiko, Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Hyde, Melissa, Professor,  Art History
Joos, Kristin, Director of Social Impact and Sustainability Initiatives, Warrington College of Business
Kapparis, Konstantinos, Associate Professor, Classics, Director of the Center for Greek Studies
Kawashima, Robert, Associate Professor, Religion, Jewish Studies
Kem, Carol, Associate University Library, Library West, Retired
Kidd, Kenneth, Professor, English
King, Debra Walker, Professor, English
Koropeckyj-Cox, Tatyana M., Associate Professor, Sociology
Kroen, Sheryl, Associate Professor, History
McDade-Gordon, Barbara, Associate Professor, Geography and  African Studies
Meek, Phyllis, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Retired
Mennel, Barbara, Associate Professor, English, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Mintz, Laurie, Professor, Psychology
Murphy, Carol, Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Narayanan, Vasudha, Distinguished Professor, Religion
Newman, Louise, Associate Professor, History
O'Neill, Daniel I., Associate Professor, Political Science
Ortiz, Paul, Associate Professor, History and Director of the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program
Ostebo, Marit, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Pagán, Victoria E., Professor, Classics
Page, Judith, Professor, English
Peterson, Anna, Professor, Religion
Paulson, Susan, Professor, Center for Latin American Studies
Ratliff, Kate A., Assistant Professor, Psychology
Rea, Jennifer, Associate Professor, Classics
Resende,Rosana, Lecturer, Anthropology
Revelle, Barbara, Professor, Art History
Rienzo, Barbara A., Associate Director, Dept. of Health Education and Behavior, HHP
Rosenberg, Leah, Associate Professor, Department of English
Rosenbury, Laura A, Dean and Professor, Levin College of Law
Russell-Brown, Katheryn, Professor, Law, Director of the Center for the Study of Race and Race Relations, Assistant Director, Criminal Justice Center
Russo, Sandra, Director, Office for Global Research Engagement
Sanford, Whitney, Professor, Religion
Sarmistha, Uma, Lecturer, Department of Urban and Regional Planning
Sassaman, Kenneth, Hyatt and Cici Brown Professor, Anthropology
Schorb, Jodi,  Associate Professor, Associate Graduate Coordinator, English
Schueller, Mailini Johar, Professor, English
Schmink, Marianne, Professor Emerita and Distinguished Teaching Scholar, Center for Latin American Studies/Anthropology
Serra, Renata, Lecturer, African Studies
Simmons, Gwendolyn (Zoharah), Assistant Professor, Religion
Sjoberg, Laura, Associate Professor, Political Science
Smith, Colin, Assistant Professor, Psychology
Smith, Craig, Associate Professor, Fine Arts
Smith, Stephanie,  Professor, English
Smocovitis, V. Betty, Professor,  Biology, History
Sohn, Patricia J,  Associate Professor, Political Science and Jewish Studies
Spring, Anita, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology
Steinberg, Stacey B., Professor and Associate Director, Center on Children and Families, College of Law
Steverson, Delia D., Assistant Professor, Department of English
Swisher, Marilyn, Associate Professor, Family, Youth and Community Sciences
Taylor, Laurie, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Digital Humanities
Terzian, Sevan, Professor, Education
Tumar, Nihal, Professor Emeritus, Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Turim, Maureen,  Professor, English and Director Film and Media Studies
Varnes, Julia Rae, Lecturer, Health Education and Behavior
Walker, Ashby, Assistant Professor, College of Medicine, Director for Health Equity Initiatives
Wayne, Marta, Professor, Biology
Weltman-Aron, Brigitte,  Professor, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Westmoreland, Peter, Lecturer, Philosophy
White, Luise Professor, History and African Studies
Wise, Benjamin,  Associate Professor,  History
Wright, Danaya, Clarence J. Teselle Endowed Professor, Law
Xiao, Ying, Assistant Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Yates, Velvet, Director of Distance Learning, Classics
Young, Alyson, Assistant Research Scientist, Center for African Studies
Zachmann, Gayle Moskowitz, Associate Professor, Languages, Literatures and Cultures