Spring 2017

Outside Courses Spring 2017

Other courses may be considered for Women’s Studies credit via petition. For more information on the petition process, contact the CWSGR office, 201 Ustler Hall at: (352) 392-3365 or tuckey@ufl.edu

Majors may count any one 2000-level class towards the WMS major.  Only WST2322, 2611, or 2612 count towards the WMS minor; only WST2611 or 2612 count towards the TPS minor.

NOTE: Letters in parenthesis indicate whether the class fills the Humanities (HUM) or Social Science (SS) distribution requirement in the WST General Concentration. They do NOT indicate whether or how a course counts for Gen Ed requirements.

**Please note that course offerings are subject to change**

 African and Asian Languages and Literatures

  • SSW 4713 African Women Writers (WST: HUM)

African American Studies

  • AFA 3930 Black Girl Magic (designation forthcoming)
  • AFA 3930 Womanist Intellectual (WST: HUM)

African Studies

  • AFS 4935 African Women Writers (WST: HUM)
  • AFS 4330 Women and Politics in Africa (WST: SS)

American History

  • AMH 3561 American Women in the 19th Century (WST: HUM)
  • AMH 3562 Women in Modern U.S. (WST: HUM)
  • AMH 3565 Women in Early America (WST: HUM)
  • AMH 3569 Women in the Am. West (WST: HUM)


  • ANT 2301 Human Sexuality and Culture (WST: SS; TPS)
  • ANT 3302 Sex Roles: A Cross Cultural Perspective (WST: SS; IPG; TPS)
  • ANT 4930 Muslim Women Today (WST: SS; IPG)


  • ARH 3871 Gender, Representation and the Visual Arts, 1600-1900 (HUM)


  • AML 4685 Womanist Intellectual (WST: HUM)
  • AML 4685 Latina Civil Rights (WST: HUM
  • LIT 3383 Women in Literature (WST: HUM)

 Mass Communications/Telecommunications

  • RTV 3411 Race, Gender, Class, and Media (SS)


  • AFH 4253 20th Century African Women (WST: HUM)
  • AMH 3562 Women in Modern U.S. (WST: HUM)
  • EUH 3931 Restless Women (WST: HUM)

Jewish Studies

  • JST 3930 Masculinities Hebrew

Latin American Studies

  • LAS 4935 Women in Latin America (SS)


  • PCO 4272 Advanced Seminar in Psychology of Women (WST: SS)

Sociology, Criminology, and Law

  • SYG 2430 Marriage & Family (SS, TPS)
  • SYA 4930 Race Class Gender (WST: SS)
  • SYA 4930 Race and US Latina/os
  • SYD 4808 Reproduction and Gender (WST: SS; TPS)
  • SYO 4102 American Families (WST: SS)
  • CCJ 4934 Women and Crime (WST: SS)