Summer 2017

Health Disparities in Society Courses, Summer 2017

Other courses may be considered for Health Disparities in Society credit via petition.

NOTE: Please consult with Women’s Studies undergraduate advisor if there is a question about a particular course or your track in this minor. Click on this link to view the requirements of this minor. Please note that course offerings are subject to change. Some courses for the minor may be limited to students within the department or major that offers them or may have mandatory prerequisites. If these constraints prevent you from enrolling in a course, please contact the instructor of that course to discuss options for your enrollment.

Tier I: Health or Social Science of Minority/Cultural Groups in the U.S. 

Note: Students outside of the College of Health and Human Performance cannot register directly for HSC classes. Instead, you must email HHP Academic Advisor Ms. Holly Moses ( and ask to be enrolled.  State that you are enrolled in the HDS minor and tell her your UF i.d. number and the course number for which you wish to be enrolled

  • HSC 4930 Fundamentals of Health Literacy (Summer B)

Students outside of the College of Public Health cannot register directly for PHC classes. Instead, you must email PHHP Academic Advisor Ms. Dominic Walker and ask to be enrolled.  State that you are a Health Disparities minor, and give your UF ID number and the name and course number for which you wish to be enrolled. Enrollment is strictly on a space available basis.

  • PHC 4101 Public Health Concepts (Summer B)
  • SYD 3700 Minorities in American Society (Summer B)

Tier II: Social Inequality and Related Theory

  • ANT 3451 Race and Racism (Summer B)

Tier III: International or Global Studies

  • AFA 3110 African American & Black Atlantic Thought (Summer C)
  • ANT 3930 / REL 3098 Religion, Medicine, & Healing (Summer A)
  • ANT 3930/LAS 3930 Performing Blackness in Brazil (Summer B)
  • ANT 4462 Culture and Medicine (Summer B)
  • ANT 4930 Global Humankind (Summer C)
  • HSC 4930 Global Health Disparities (Summer A)