Electives for Health Disparities Minor



The Spring 2020 practicum mandatory Orientation meeting is scheduled for Friday October 18 at 7:30 am in 100 Williamson Hall. This course is currently closed and has a waiting list. Students who do not attend Orientation will be moved to the summer practicum class

Health Disparities in Society (HDS) Minor Electives

Other courses may be considered for Health Disparities in Society credit via petition (PDF).

NOTE: Please consult with Women’s Studies undergraduate advisor if there is a question about a particular course or your track in this minor. Click on this link to view the requirements of this minor.Please note that course offerings are subject to change. Some courses for the minor may be limited to students within the department or major that offers them or may have mandatory prerequisites. If these constraints prevent you from enrolling in a course, please contact the instructor of that course to discuss options for your enrollment.

Courses for the HDS minor may be taken in any order, with one exception: WST 2322 must be taken before WST 4941C.

You may begin the minor with WST 2322 or any tier of electives, and proceed in any order. For example, you could follow the sequence: Tier II elective, WST 2322, Tier III elective, Tier I elective, WST 4941C. Contact the undergraduate coordinator with any questions.

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