Fall 2017


The following courses are graduate seminars offered in the Center. They are available to graduate students in the Center and those students working on certificates. Please also see this link for a complete listing of approved graduate electives offered outside the center.


Alyssa Zucker
WST 5933-Section 0432
W 6-8; UST 0105; 3 Credits

Proseminar (seminar that prepares you for more advanced work) introducing graduate students to Women’s Studies scholarship. Overview of feminist thought, interdisciplinary research, and feminist practice. Students are introduced to scholars in the field, and learn how to design and implement an independent research project appropriate to Women’s Studies.

Independent Study

Kendal L Broad-Wright
WST 6905-Section 09BE
TBA; Variable Credits

Prerequisite: Permission of instructor and department chair and 1 Women’s Studies course or course that counts for women’s studies, For advanced graduate students who desire to supplement their regular courses by independent reading or research under guidance. On-line application.

Feminism in Popular Women’s Genres

Tace Hedrick
WST 6935-Section 16A0
T, R 9-10, 9; TUR 2346; 3 Credits

In this course we will be reading theory, criticism, and popular fiction in an effort to see how feminism has (or has not) been taken up and/or been adapted by popular-culture genres such as the romance and the detective/mystery novel. We will also be discussing possible differences and similarities in novels whose main characters (and authors) are white, of color, straight or queer.  ​


Global Women of Color

Manoucheka Celeste
WST 6935-Section 16A3
T 6-8; MAT 0005; 3 Credits

Description to be announced.



Kendal L Broad-Wright
WST 6946-Section 08F5
TBA; Variable Credits

Prerequisite: Permission of Graduate Coordinator. Designed for students desiring practical experience in the community. Students intern with a local agency, group or business involved in women’s issues. Click here for more information and an on-line application.

Master’s Research

Kendal L Broad-Wright
WST 697-Section 4433
TBA; Variable Credits